as a Service

The new approach that works.

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75%Of customers arrange an appointment
90%Positive or very positive feedback
55%Purchase at least one insurance product

Why Bancassurance
did not work on the market

In the German speaking-countries of Switzerland, Germany and Austria, Bancassurance offerings were not successful. Why?


Did not address
customers’ needs.


IT-integration was a huge barrier. The products offered required costly IT-integration with banking applications.

Standard Sales Processes

Selling insurances is challenging for bankers.
Onboarding is challenging for banks.

Customers were not getting the right products at the right time. As a result, their needs and expectations were not met.

Anivo’s new Approach
Bancassurance as a Service

Anivo developed a plug-and-play solution for Bancassurance, combining the following capabilities:

Product Factory

Design new insurance products and services adapted to customers’ needs within several weeks.

Platform Factory

AnivoCore is a scalable technological platform that seamlessly integrates with all stakeholders. With AnivoCore, insurance products can be modelled with no need for changing core IT-systems.

Operations Factory

Anivo’s Operations Factory provides insurance advice to end customers by certified insurance experts at the highest quality standards.

Switzerland’s most successful bancassurance solution

The new approach was successfully implemented with BLKB, one of Switzerland’s largest cantonal banks, and with Baloise Insurances. Anivo founders Alexander Bojer and Werner Flatz presented the solution in detail to the expert audience at DIA 2018 (see video). Between Go-Live in March 2018 and Christmas 2018, more than 1,000 policies have already been sold.

Anivo Bancassurance Partners

Interview with Alexander Bojer

Alex how did you design the new insurance products?
Together with BLKB (Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank), one of the largest cantonal banks in Switzerland, and Baloise Insurances we designed two entirely new insurance products from scratch. We concentrated on BLKB’s mortgage customers purcha…