How to
Anivo Service Modules

for distribution partners, primary insurers and reinsurers

does the
Anivo offering work?

As an insurance company, you use the customised Anivo software solutions as a service to digitalise your insurance sales, develop innovative solutions and quickly place them on the market. If required, we can support you in simplifying existing insurance products for digitalisation.

As an Anivo distributor, you add value to your ecosystem by offering insurance to your customers. End customers are particularly open to taking out insurance at the point-of-need, for example, a life event (new home, new car, marriage, birth, divorce, first job after graduation/start of career, travel or inheritance).

As a distribution partner, you need only draw attention to the risks that unavoidably arise in connection with the purchase or use (leasing, rental) of a car or property.

At the point the end customers wish to cover these risks, Anivo comes into play.

Anivo takes over for the insurance consultation and distribution of insurance (e.g. purely digitally via on-line selling or hybrid via video consultation, depending on your requested service module). We provide the required digital end-to-end software solution “as a service” and handle underwriting, conclusion of insurance contracts, and fully automatic provisioning.

IMPORTANT: Insurance companies and Anivo Distributors maintain and handle their own customer relationships. They remain your customers.


The Anivo service modules Product Factory, Platform Factory and Operations Factory can be used in the following combinations:

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