as a Service

The new approach that works.
Learn how with Anivo.

75%of all customers arrange an appointment
90%positive or very positive customer feedback
55%purchase at least one insurance product

How Anivo
revolutionises bancassurance

In the German-speaking regions of Switzerland, Germany and Austria, bancassurance was not working as successfully as it could.
Anivo came with a solution. Here’s how it works.


The problem begins with the insurance products. Those offered are not unique and are not tailored to specific customer needs, for example in the context of buying a property, leasing financing, or consumer credit.

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Complex technological integration

The insurers’ technological platforms offer various insurance products but are generally very fragmented. The integration with banking systems is time-consuming and resource-intensive, especially if cooperation involves more than one insurance partner.

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Consultation and sales processes not optimised

The standard insurance products are complex. Expertise – sometimes across several product lines – is required for successful sales. Intensive training is required to acquires this knowledge. This poses a major challenge for bank advisors and often leads to uncertainty. The interest many bank advisors has in offering their own customers insurance solutions is comparatively low.

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Consequences …

In traditional bancassurance, bank customers do not receive the right insurance products at the right time. Their needs and expectations are not met and banks often find the results of a bancassurance cooperation disappointing.

Anivo’s new Approach:
Bancassurance as a Service
The new offer proven to work

Based on the AnivoCore insurance platform, we have developed a scalable plug-and-play insurance solution for banks.

insurance solutions

Insurance products with a clear USP that stand out clearly from comparable products on the market. Simple, understandable products, which are positioned in the context of banking products such as mortgages, leasing or consumer loans. Products that focus on the benefits for bank customers – with innovations such as all-risk covers, digital take-out, paperless processes, or monthly termination options. Learn more »

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white label platform

AnivoCore is a scalable insurance technology platform that seamlessly integrates with banking and insurance systems. With AnivoCore, insurance products can be easily mapped, in all lines of business (life, non-life, health) and from different insurance partners, and are compliant with all regulatory requirements in Switzerland and the EU, thanks to the highest security standards. Learn more »

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distribution model

Insurance advice can be provided by the bank’s own sales department as well as by a broker or insurer. As an option, the Anivo Insurance Service Centre, which specialises in Bancassurance, is available to our banking partners, offering high-quality advice from certified insurance experts. Learn more »

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As a bank,
extend your lead over your competitors

  • As an Anivo distribution partner, you expand your product portfolio with tailor-made insurance products that customers perceive as highly beneficial at the point of need.
  • No complex technical integration. Fast introduction within 2 to 3 months.
  • You create a clear unique selling proposition and stand out from your competitors.
  • You position yourself as a complete provider in all financial matters, thereby creating additional trust and increasing customer loyalty.
  • You generate additional touch points with your bank customers, independent of the lifetime of the banking products. You get to know your customers even better and learn about upcoming life events.
  • You generate immediate additional revenues outside the interest margin business, which increases the share-of-wallet among your customers.

Successful launch with the
Basellandschaftliche Cantonal Bank BLKB

The Anivo Bancassurance offering was launched for the first time in May 2018 with BLKB as its partner bank. The offering comprises of five innovative insurance solutions (life and non-life) related to the purchase of residential property. More than 2,000 new customers were acquired in the first year, significantly exceeding the participants’ expectations.

mehr als 2’000 Kunden im ersten Jahr

Policies sold to more than 2,000 customers in the first year

Bancassurance 2.0 presented by the founders of Anivo 360 AG – Alexander Bojer and Werner Flatz – at the DIA 2018 in Munich.

Highly satisfied

BLKB customers are highly satisfied with the professional video advice provided by Anivo insurance experts. The Anivo Net Promoter Score (NPS) is stable at over 60.

The customer experience is decisive
Stimmt AG in Zurich conducted the largest customer experience monitor study in Switzerland in 2018. DThe market researchers observed a linear correlation between the Customer Experience Score (CX-Score) and the NPS for the third time in a row. If this correlation is applied to Anivos Net Promoter Score of 60, Anivo achieves a CX score of 4.6. Comparing this CX score with the values of the companies considered in the study, it is the highest CX score in Switzerland.

Graphic from the study “Customer Experience Monitor 2018”, Figure 4, page 18 by Stimmt AG, Zürich

CX score of Anivo compared to the companies examined by Stimmt AG. Graphic based on Figure 5 from the study “Customer Experience Monitor 2018” page 24 by Stimmt AG, Zürich