Anivo Operations Factory

Insurance as a service, for your customers.

Insurance experts at your customers’ disposal

The insurance products, designed in the Product Factory and then depicted into software in our Platform Factory, are brought to life by Anivo’s Operations Factory. Anivo’s insurance experts are at your customer’s disposal, giving them personal advice regarding their insurance needs.

We eat our own dog food

Our customers are key to a successful collaboration and product development: our skills, processes and software are all continuously perfected through 360-degree feedback. Within weeks, the product and/or software improvements are rolled out, helping customers to get what they want as soon as possible.

We follow the paradigm of “Eat your own dog food” by “using our own software”. The result is the best in customised software solutions and products under one roof; products we would sell to our own grandmothers.

Online insurance distribution and personal advice

Anivo offers an end-2-end solution which comprises both of:

  • online insurance distribution and operation for insurance products
  • additional advice by insurance experts for more complex insurances. Insurance experts advise customers by telephone or Anivo’s special video call solution. This saves time and resources.

Customer Service Centres operated by insurance experts

Anivo’s Operations Factory offers a complete package including both the set-up and operation of customer service centres, like Anivo’s Customer Service Centre in Zurich. Anivo’s insurance specialists consult retail or corporate customers and assure that they are well insured. They also take care of policy administration and commissioning. Our insurance specialists handle upselling and cross-selling using AnivoCore’s 360-degrees customer view.

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