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Tailored and innovative
solutions for omnichannel
insurance distribution

Digital excellence in insurance distribution

Up and
running in
a few weeks

With AnivoCore distribution software solutions, primary insurers are rapidly launching new and innovative insurance products on local and international markets through various traditional and digital distribution channels.

Our innovative solutions are tailored to all lines of business (life, non-life, health) and are available within weeks.

Without touching
core insurance

Traditional insurance companies digitalise their insurance distribution quickly and easily, reduce time-to-market drastically and meet the changing demands of different customer segments with new omnichannel offerings.

There is no need to interfere with existing core insurance systems, interfaces and processes (e.g. finance or claims settlement).
In addition, AnivoCore can be used as a tactical solution to continue launching product innovations and connecting new distributors and ecosystems while replacing existing core insurance systems.

Current challenges
for insurance companies


Innovative start-ups and existing ecosystems

Many insurance companies are stuck in a classic innovation dilemma. More and more start-ups and established digital ecosystem platforms are trying to penetrate the core business of insurance companies and are rapidly gaining relevant market shares. Insurance companies are faced with the challenge of quickly responding to this scenario with their own innovations.

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IT legacy

Insurers typically face IT legacy challenges. Their core insurance systems are not state of the art anymore and are expensive to maintain. In addition, the functional scope of most host-based applications is severely limited.

Projects for the renewal of core insurance systems are very extensive and complex due to fragmented IT landscapes as well as diverse products and product generations, which have often grown organically over the last decades. For a complete replacement and migration of life and non-life systems, project durations of 4 to 8 years are common.

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Strongly limited resources for product innovations

Resources for the development of new products are often limited as priorities are on the maintenance and servicing of existing high-yield products and insurance portfolios, or on other IT projects. The time frame for the development and introduction of a new insurance product is very long, averaging 12 to 18 months. Developing and optimising products is difficult in the traditional insurance industry, as there are only a few release cycles per year. Therefore, if urgent changes are required, it is very unlikely that they will be made in a timely manner.

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Master challenges
with Anivo in an effective way

Fast implementation within a few weeks

The launch of an Anivo insurance distribution solution is very quick and easy, despite the challenges described above with core insurance systems, and without burdening an insurance company’s scarce IT resources.

Processes and IT systems remain untouched

A Master Service Agreement (MSA) is already sufficient for simple integration. The insurance company receives a Borderaux daily, which it feeds into the MSA. Claims or finances will continue to be processed via the existing backend. Based on the requirements, deeper integration is easily possible.

Different product versions across countries via different channels

AnivoCore’s unique multitenant capabilities enable insurance companies to manage different versions of insurance products for different distribution partners within a country and across countries. Multi-product & multi-tariff capabilities enable, for example, A/B testing of coverage options or tariffs as well as real-time tariff adjustments.

One and the same system for all lines of business

AnivoCore’s versatile data model allows all insurance product lines to be mapped: non-life insurance, life insurance and health insurance.

Agile improvement

For the fast improvement of insurance products, selling processes and consulting experiences, the Anivo Platform Factory realises software updates in an agile development environment within only a few weeks, comparable with the development speed of a Formula1 team.

And – in practice?

For the first time in Austria, fully digital insurance take-out via video consulting is available.