Technology for reinsurance companies
A new dimension for reinsurers:
complete range
of innovative insurance products

Customized innovative end-to-end solutions for your primary insurance customers

challenges in
reinsurance business

The challenge: The competition in traditional reinsurance business is growing. The oversupply of underwriting capacity leads to declining margins and business failures.

Ready-to-use configurable white label insurance solutions for your primary insurance customers

In order to compensate for the declining margins, reinsurers are therefore moving more and more towards offering primary insurers solutions in terms of finished insurance products in addition to pure underwriting capacity, which can be marketed as white label solutions under their own names.

Reinsurers have the necessary data and resources to offer very attractive solutions to primary insurers. Modern analysis technologies also open up completely new possibilities, for example, automated risk assessment using telematics solutions in vehicle insurance, cyber-insurance, or parametric insurance solutions.

Many primary insurers are stuck in an innovation dilemma.

The will to innovate is there. In many cases, however, IT personnel are limited and, therefore, new products cannot be integrated rapidly enough.

The solution

An integration and distribution platform
for the successful launch of white label solutions


Based on AnivoCore, Anivo provides reinsurers with a technological platform for modelling insurance solutions that enable primary insurers to quickly and easily integrate white label products into their IT landscape and offer them to their clients.

Standardised: One product reaches many primary insurers in several countries


Because AnivoCore is a white label platform, there is no need to develop a unique product for each primary insurer. AnivoCore’s comprehensive multitenant capabilities make it easy to adapt the same white label product to the individual needs of primary insurers while taking into account the regulatory and market specifications of different countries.

Plug and Play: omnichannel distribution for primary insurers


For the first time, reinsurers have the ability to provide white label products to primary insurers on a digital omnichannel platform.

This enables them to start selling directly and quickly in different sales channels, for example:

  • ecosystem partners
  • own sales force
  • brokers
  • online sales – self-service by customers
  • digitally-guided personal sales
  • digitally-guided sales by telephone or video

/ multi-tariff capabilities


Primary insurers can quickly and easily assign different tariffs to a product for each sales channel in parallel, or optimise coverage options by means of A/B testing.

Quick & easy integration
without interfering with existing core insurance systems


Integration is very easy for you as a reinsurer and for the primary insurers. There is no need to interfere with existing core insurance systems and processes. The primary insurer simply sets up a Master Service Agreement (MSA) and receives a Borderaux daily to feed into the MSA, while using its own backend system and processes for claims, finance, etc. The primary insurer can then use the MSA to manage its own backend systems and processes.

Clear unique selling propositions
for reinsurers

  • Unique solutionsthat quickly bring success to primary insurance customers
  • Shortened time-to-market for primary insurance solutions
  • Extension of the solution range to primary insurance customers