Bancassurance technology platform

Integrated, API-based end-to-end bancassurance SaaS platform

The AnivoCore bancassurance technology platform is an integrated product, administration & sales platform for insurance solutions and enables the mapping of different bancassurance cooperation models. AnivoCore was developed based on state-of-the-art SaaS technology, is highly scalable and API-based.

This means that solutions can be integrated very easily into the system landscape of banks or digital ecosystems. The product and tariff engine enables the introduction of new insurance products in all lines of business for private and business customers in the shortest possible time.

Bancassurance technology platform AnivoCore

End-to-end: coverage of the entire bancassurance process

The AnivoCore bancassurance technology platform provides all necessary front-end and the most important back-end process modules, ensuring first-class insurance processes.

AnivoCore supports the entire bancassurance process, from lead generation, consulting and sales to policy management and offers comprehensive analytics capabilities.

Digital Bancassurance End-2-End Technologie

Implementation in record time

The installation takes place on-premise or in the cloud. Implementation does not require integration with core banking systems and thus places only minimal strain on the bank’s IT resources.

New products can be introduced in record time (6 times faster) compared to proprietary solutions due to the API system architecture.