Insurance-as-a-Service for bank clients

Insurance advice from proven Anivo360 experts on behalf of the bank.

Highly efficient hybrid consulting approach – proven end-to-end solution

Anivo 360 applies a hybrid approach to the sale of complex insurance products, combining online insurance sales with personal advice from insurance experts. The video consultation on the bank’s premises in the course of a customer advisory service has been particularly successful. If required, the bank advisor directly involves an Anivo360 insurance advisor during the consultation via video.

Alternatively, the client can take advantage of the advice at home using a laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Crucial: The bank retains control of its interface with its customers at all times.

6000+Video consultations carried out
60Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Insurance consultancy bancassurance


Setting and process

Versicherungs-Beratung per Video für Banken

Only a few clicks

When required, the bank advisor simply uses video to connect Anivo360 insurance specialists directly to the client consultation in the bank branch.

Risikoanalyse in der Versicherungsberatung

Flexible risk analysis

The risk analysis is carried out either beforehand by the bank or during the insurance consultation by Anivo360 insurance specialists in coordination with the bank’s client advisors.

Individuelle Versicherungs-Beratung

Individual expert advice

Bank clients receive individual expert advice directly at the point of need and take out insurance policies conveniently and immediately without a signature.

Quote from Martin Boruvka, CEO Anivo360

Professional insurance consulting is a challenge for banks

  • Profitable insurance products are complex and require intensive consultation. In the case of expensive products, many clients also want personal expert advice before they "dare" to take out a policy.
  • Insurance is not one of the core competencies of a bank. Training bank employees to become insurance experts is time and cost intensive. Many bank advisors try to avoid the topic.
  • There are some legal and technological hurdles to be overcome. The regulatory requirements must be very strict and strictly adhered to. Insurance products and processes cannot be handled by the IT infrastructure of a bank.

Anivo360 Insurance-as-a-Service solves these challenges for banks with own insurance specialists using the proven software technology AnivoCore.