NEW: Three-party video conference. More convenience for bank clients through additional Bancassurance 2.0 sales channel

Anivo360 partner banks can now offer another promising consultation channel to their clients: Insurance advice via three-party video conference. Bank customers save themselves the trip to the bank branch. Instead, they can sit back comfortably on their sofa. Crucial for the bank: The solution fulfils all requirements regarding compliance and IT security.
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This is how it works

Bank advisor, insurance advisor and bank client click into the video connection via browser. No additional software is required. The bank advisor introduces his client to the insurance expert. Depending on the situation and needs, he or she then withdraws from the consultation.

Bancassurance 2.0 – bank requirements met

  • Compliance: The applicable data protection guidelines and all regulatory requirements are fulfilled.
  • Security: The fully digital solution is end-to-end encrypted and complies with the international information security standard ISO-IEC-27002.
  • Time saving: Bank advisors can withdraw from the conversation after the introduction in order to make the best use of their own time.

Convenience is becoming increasingly important for bank clients

  • Convenience: Bank clients click into the consultation comfortably at home sitting on the sofa. Policies are concluded digitally without the hassle of paperwork.
  • Flexibility: Consultation appointments are also possible outside normal counter hours.
  • Time saving: Clients save their time and money for the trip to the bank branch.

Physical contact is increasingly avoided
while personal insurance advice on certain topics remains important.

Younger and increasingly even older customers tend to avoid face-to-face meetings. However, for certain financial products and topics, personal advice is still important for many. With insurance advice via three-party video conferencing, banks meet both needs.

Bottom line – Bancassurance 2.0 three-way video conferencing

The new form of advice has great potential and will be used more and more in the future. It increases convenience for bank customers while offering 100 percent protection in terms of Covid19. Travel times and journeys are avoided, which further reduces CO2 emissions. Banks serve an additional touchpoint and strengthen customer loyalty.

Tip on the subject

Prof. Andreas Dietrich von der HSLU sheds light on the current status of video consulting at Migros Bank in a recent blog post – only available in German:
Der Ansatz der Migros Bank im Bereich der Videoberatung – und erste Fakten dazu

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