Anivo 360 AG focuses on technology business and banc­assurance

Anivo 360 AG is bundling its core competencies and in future will concentrate more on its technology business and bancassurance activities. At the same time, the company is announcing the transfer of its co-founder Alexander Bojer from his previous role as CEO to the Board of Directors and the departure of Martin Strobel from the Board.

Previously also active as a registered insurance broker, primarily in the health insurance business for its own account, Anivo will in future focus more strongly on its technology solutions offering based on its proprietary digital insurance distribution platform AnivoCore.

Alongside the provision of in-depth process know-how, the range of services includes the development and implementation of software-guided insurance consulting processes, the digitalisation of questions relating to health by smartphone while ensuring compliance with all legal requirements and confidentiality, automated underwriting, digital document management and digital policy administration.

With its product range, the technology provider opens up new sales channels for innovative insurance solutions to primary insurers and reinsurers, without burdening their own IT resources.

Banks, real estate managers and ecosystem partners from the areas of housing, mobility, health or telecommunications benefit from new opportunities to inspire their customers with innovative insurance solutions at the lowest possible cost.

Based on AnivoCore, Anivo developed a software-led consulting process for insurance advice via video for the Swiss-based BLKB (Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank) and its subsidiary Servicehub AG. Anivo’s advice is provided by highly professional insurance experts and using BLKB as an example, is an integral part of the solution. Anivo acts as an outsourcing service provider on behalf of Servicehub AG, which acts as a tied agent.

Since 2018, BLKB customers have been able to purchase exclusive insurance products to secure their residential property and the people living in it. The innovative range of products includes building protection, death coverage, family protection, legal protection and – new, since February 2020 – the first fully digital occupational disability cover in Switzerland. With 3,000 new and very satisfied bank clients acquired, the cooperation is proving very successful for all companies involved.

The Austrian bancassurance market differs significantly from neighbouring Switzerland due to regulatory differences. Since banking institutions in Austria often have in-house consulting competencies in the insurance sector, Anivo does not act as a broker here, but primarily as a technology partner. If required, Anivo will also make its consulting know-how available in Austria as an outsourcing service provider on behalf and in the name of its partners. Within the scope of recently launched partnerships, Anivo supports bank consultants with software-guided processes and enables up-to-date, digital insurance consulting tailored to the needs of bank customers at the point-of-need. The high degree of automation ensures efficient and cost-effective processing of insurance business within the bank.

As part of the focusing process, co-founder Alexander Bojer is withdrawing from the operative business as CEO of Anivo 360 AG. He will continue to be available to Anivo on the Board of Directors. On the occasion of this change in management, Martin Strobel has decided to leave the Anivo Board of Directors at the end of March 2020. With his departure, the Insurtech is losing an experienced expert in the insurance and IT sectors. Anivo 360 AG would like to thank both Alexander Bojer and Martin Strobel for their dedication, commitment and successful cooperation.

Anivo 360 AG, Steinhausen (CH), February 2020

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