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A first for Austria: conclude insurance policies fully digital via video consultation


Since the end of May 2019, Vorarlberger Landes-Versicherung (VLV) is the first Austrian insurer to offer its customers paperless and fully digital insurance policies via video consultation. The launch product was a capital-forming life insurance policy.

Video consultation by internet browser

All that’s required for a video consultation is a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection. No special software or app is required.

Interested customers schedule a consulting appointment online and receive an e-mail with a link to the start of the consultation as well as relevant legal information on the product, the procedure and the technical requirements.

Robert Sturn VLV und Werner Flatz Anivo

Robert Sturn, Director of Vorarlberger Landes-Versicherung V.a.G. (right), Werner Flatz, co-founder and CTO of the Anivo 360 AG (left)

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How it works

To begin the video consultation, the customer opens the mentioned link, which establishes a video connection with a VLV insurance expert. The expert guides the customer through the consultation process using the browser-based software and a detailed script. The VLV insurance specialist explains the relevant legal conditions, provides information on the insurance product and identifies the customer’s requirements and wishes regarding the insurance coverage. If desired, an insurance offer is calculated and the application is completed on the spot. The identification required for the prevention of money laundering is carried out in accordance with the Austrian Online Identification Ordinance. No signature is required for the application. Instead, the customer’s consent to the application is recorded on video. The video recording also serves as proof that the consultation meets all legal requirements. Finally, the customer automatically receives the application by e-mail.

Dir. KommR Robert Sturn

Director Robert SturnVorarlberger Landes-Versicherung V.a.G.

As a regional insurer, VLV wants to continue playing its successful role in the concert of major insurers. We are convinced that we will succeed in doing so, first and foremost, because our customers place a high degree of trust in us. At the same time, we are already focusing on tomorrow’s technology, today. I am certain that digitalisation will find its way into insurance consultation, in many different forms, very soon. Customers will be taking the new possibilities for granted.

I am delighted that we have taken this significant innovation step with Anivo. Anivo is one of the few providers with the necessary know-how and experience to handle such a demanding project professionally, legally compliant and with the necessary high standard of quality within a very tight timeframe.

Implementation of the solution by Anivo 360 AG

The entire end-2-end solution was developed by Anivo 360 AG. Part of the solution is the design of the consulting process. This was designed in coordination with product management, sales, compliance and IT of the VLV to be “suitable for video consultation” and legally compliant (VAG, IDD, PRIIPS, DSGVO).

Insurtech Anivo 360 AG, founded in Zurich in 2015, has been successfully using the video advisory approach in Switzerland since March 2018 in the bancassurance sector in cooperation with Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB), Baloise Insurance and AXA ARAG. According to Anivo 360 AG, the conclusion rate is remarkable and exceeds 60%. Within just one year, two thousand customers have taken out a policy as part of the loan advisory conversations at one of BLKB’s bank branches. Up to six insurance consultants are available every day to run the operation at the Anivo Service Center in Zurich.

Why choose Anivo as innovation partner?

VLV didn’t only choose Anivo as its innovation partner because of the very good results in Switzerland. According to VLV Director Robert Sturn, the combination of insurance know-how and technological know-how, both provided by Anivo, was also decisive for their selection.

About Vorarlberger Landes-Versicherung V.a.G.

Vorarlberger Landes-Versicherung V.a.G. (VLV) was founded in 1920 and mainly operates regionally in Vorarlberg (Austria). Originally, primarily providing fire and household insurance, VLV now strives to be an insurance partner for all insurance matters. A tightly woven network of qualified advisors provides the necessary customer proximity and expresses a strong orientation towards customer needs.

About Anivo 360 AG

Anivo was founded in 2015 and currently has 20 employees across its locations in Zurich (Switzerland) and Dornbirn (Austria). Insurtech offers mid-size insurance companies and their ecosystem partners, such as banks or telecommunications providers, end-2-end solutions for the highly efficient distribution of innovative insurance products.

Upon request, new insurance solutions are developed together with the project partners involved. The implementation and international roll-out of complex insurance products are based on the multi-client white label distribution platform AnivoCore. A service team of proven insurance experts uses state-of-the-art video technology to provide customer advice and sales. Products, operating software and processes are constantly optimised during ongoing operations.

Werner-Flatz, CEO a.i. Anivo 360 AG

Werner FlatzCo-founder & CTO at Anivo 360 AG

Many mid-sized insurers are facing the challenge that time resources for innovation projects are limited, especially in IT, but also in management areas. At the same time, they face pressure to take action and have to defend their position against aggressive start-ups. They are forced to innovate but are in a dilemma where ongoing operations are tying up limited IT resources.

At Anivo, we close this gap with our expertise. Using the latest technologies, we realise innovation projects for traditional mid-sized insurance companies and give them access to new distribution channels and ecosystems, such as housing, health or telecommunications. We do not see ourselves as a disruptor for the insurance industry, but as an enabler.

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