Press Release: BLKB, Basler Versicherungen and Anivo Develop Insurance Solution for Mortgage Customers


BLKB, Basler Versicherungen and Anivo Develop Insurance Solution for Mortgage Customers

Press release Basellandschaftlichen Kantonalbank, Basler Versicherungen and Anivo
Liestal/Basel, March 7th 2018

Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB), Basler Versicherungen and Anivo have developed two brand new insurance products for mortgage customers. The service is distributed by the Servicehub AG, a newly established subsidiary of the BLKB. It is intended that Servicehub AG will be offering its services to other banks in the future.

Starting in April 2018, Servicehub AG, a recently established subsidiary of BLKB, offers new services in the field of insurance broking. In a first step, the offering consists of two insurance products which provide BLKB customers with coverage for principal risks that result from the acquisition and ownership of residential property

Family Protection lets customers insure themselves against the financial effects of death, unemployment and separation. With Building Protection the insurance holders benefit from comprehensive coverage as an ideal addition to the cantonal building insurance.

As a bank, we want to be our customer’s first point of contact when it comes to financial matters. Meaning, we want to stand by them wherever they encounter risks concerning their financial affairs. It is our goal to help our customers improve their risk carrying capacity by enhancing our reals estate consultation with fresh ideas. We are happy that we can develop, test and finally launch new solutions alongside two innovation leaders.
John Häfelfinger CEO BLKB

John HaefelfingerCEO of BLKB

Both insurance solutions were developed by Basler Versicherungen for BLKB mortgage customers and have performed very well in a pilot test. The policy holder’s contractual partner are the Basler Versicherungen. The insurance broker Anivo provides insurance consultation on behalf of the Servicehub AG and supplies the product- and consultation technology.

This approach to consultancy is certainly one-of-a-kind in Switzerland. The process is supported digitally, yet designed simply. Upon request, BLKB consultants will connect the customer with the insurance experts from Servicehub AG via video chat. It’s also possible to directly conclude the insurance contract with the Basler Versicherungen during this video chat, completely paperless.

It is planned to extend the portfolio by adding more insurance products in the field of mortgage risks. Furthermore, Servicehub AG will offer their consultancy- and product services to other Swiss retail banks as an all-in-one package.

Michael Müller, CEO of Basler Versicherungen: «This innovative insurance solution offers crucial coverage for real estate owners. A pilot test with over 200 BLKB clients has proven that customers are interested in these products. »

Alexander Bojer, Co-Founder and CEO of Anivo: «This offering combines new and understandable insurance products, that solve real customer problems with an innovative approach to high-quality consultancy and a modern platform, making it possible to technically map and distribute insurance products within weeks as well as continuously optimizing them during operation.»

John Häfelfinger (CEO BLKB), Alexander Bojer (Co-Founder and CEO Anivo) and Michael Müller (CEO Basler Versicherungen)

John Häfelfinger (CEO BLKB), Alexander Bojer (Co-Founder and CEO Anivo) and Michael Müller (CEO Basler Insurances)

About Servicehub AG

During the imminent market launch at the beginning of April 2018, BLKB established the independently organized subsidiary Servicehub AG, located in Liestal. This company’s purpose is to provide services in the field of insurance broking, especially in connection with mortgage business. Servicehub can take on all distribution and consultancy activities regarding the mediation of insurance products as well as the conclusion and administering of insurance contracts. BLKB is the sole owner of Servicehub AG, with its share capital of 2’000’000 Francs.

About Anivo

Independent insurance assistant Anivo started as Switzerland’s first online broker for private insurances in 2015. Their online platform anivo.ch offers a transparent comparison of insurance quotes and benefits. Unique feature: For any questions customers may have, Anivo’s experienced insurance experts are ready to help out personally over the phone or live chat. In addition, businesses and unions can become affinity partners so they can offer employees and members special insurance terms over their own benefit platforms.

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