Cvd19 as an opportunity – How banks use the crisis to strengthen customer loyalty.

Clients are visiting their bank branch less and less often. At the same time, they are becoming more demanding. For digital natives, banking transactions should be mobile and online only. Bancassurance 2.0 offers itself as a central element for strengthening customer loyalty. Anivo360 offers the necessary solutions, which work flawlessly despite Cvd19 restrictions.

As customer contact frequency decreases, so does customer loyalty

Due to advancing digitalization, the frequency of customer contact has been decreasing for years. More and more customers are looking for personal contact in “their” bank branch less and less often for their banking transactions.

Reaction to large-scale developments:
Bancassurance 2.0

As a reaction, a clear trend back to bancassurance is emerging in Switzerland – although in a new digital form: Bancassurance 2.0. The big players are announcing new cooperations with high media impact: UBS – Zurich, Raiffeisen – Mobiliar and most recently Credit Suisse – AXA. The goal seems to be clear: Building ecosystems and increasing customer loyalty.

Plug & Play: Anivo360 Bancassurance

Anivo360’s bancassurance solutions enable insurance consulting by experts with digital paperless completion. Cooperation with multiple insurance companies is possible and makes sense, depending on the line of business. The system goes live within a few weeks. Banks receive all elements for a fast and at the same time sustainable bancassurance initiative:

  • Bancassurance management and sales software-as-a-service
    • Additionally possible:
    • Insurance products suitable for the respective bank advisory situation
    • Insurance consulting as a service by Anivo360 experts

The most successful bancassurance solution in Switzerland, reliable and well-proven a thousand times over

Since 2018, BLKB (Cantonal Bank of Baselland) has been offering its customers exclusive life and non-life products in cooperation with Anivo360 as a technology provider and the insurance partners Basler, AXA-ARAG and Concordia. In the meantime, more than 6,200 consultations have already been carried out. More than 3,200 customers have bought at least one policy this way. Find out more in this article dated Dec. 12, 2018.

Video advice is very well received despite Cvd19 restrictions

In spring 2020, the solution worked particularly well for BLKB. The counselling process worked without restrictions despite lock-down. While the world came to a slight standstill, consultations continued uninterrupted. Instead of being in the bank branch as usual, customers clicked in at home on their sofa.

Measurable: Strengthened customer loyalty

The customers gratefully accept the offer. Because – especially during a lock-down phase – the need to think about one’s own security and that of one’s dependents as well as one’s assets increases. Ongoing customer feedback is very positive. The NPS (Net Promoter Score) has remained stable at around 60 since the beginning. This very high value is an indication that BLKB actually strengthens customer loyalty as intended.

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