Thousand Policies

Switzerland’s Most Successful Bancassurance Solution


In March 2018, Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB) with its subsidiary Servicehub AG, Baloise Insurance and Anivo 360 AG announced their cooperation in the area of bancassurance. From the outset, BLKB’s customers were enthusiastic about the new residential property insurance offer and have accepted it gratefully ever since. The thousandth insurance policy was taken out before Christmas. This makes it the most successful bancassurance solution in Switzerland.

Clear motivation of the Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank

The Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB) wants to be a partner for its customers, providing them competent advice on all financial matters. However, securing mortgages is a very important matter for both, for the bank on the one hand and for customers on the other. Through its cooperation with Anivo, BLKB ensures comprehensive and competent advice, which is very well received by bank customers.

Technologically innovative and simple solution

As a rule, advice is provided in the bank branches. If a customer shows interest in securing his mortgage during a consultation, the bank advisor calls in an Anivo insurance expert directly via video conversation. He or she analyses the client’s individual situation and, with the help of the Anivo solution, can present him or her with a tailor-made insurance package in the shortest possible time. Worth to point out: it is no longer necessary to sign the policy. Instead, the customer’s statement of intent is recorded on video during the conversation and saved as proof.

Customers and bank advisors are very satisfied

Customer feedback is 90% positive or very positive. 50% of customers are so convinced that they decide to take out an insurance to secure their property or family. BLKB’s bank advisors are also very satisfied with the solution: “Anivo’s advice is friendly and competent. With the unique security modules, we can clearly set ourselves apart from the competition. My commitment is definitely worth it,” says Sandro Marzo, branch manager at BLKB.

Hit the nerve of the customers

John Häfelfinger, CEO of BLKB, is delighted with what has been achieved together: “I am overwhelmed by this success, which shows that we have obviously touched the nerve of our customers with our solution”. For him, the further development of the success story is essential: “So far we have only contacted a small proportion of our mortgage customers. With new offers to protect against the financial consequences of disability and litigation, we already have further security elements on offer that make our customers and therefore our bank safer.”

AnivoCore: Continuous improvement through forward-looking technology

Alexander Bojer, CEO and Co-Founder of Anivo 360 AG, also looks ahead: “This success clearly shows us how forward-looking the new solution is. Our software platform AnivoCore works inconspicuously in the background and enables a smooth process. The flexibility of our technology enables us to continuously develop the solution together with the bank in all areas, to refine the consulting process and to introduce further insurance products in the shortest possible time.” Since its introduction, the insurance range has already been expanded through a cooperation with AXA ARAG. And, Alexander Bojer is very optimistic: “The interest of other banks as well as smaller and larger insurance companies is vivid. It is only a matter of time before we announce the first cooperation in Germany and Austria”.

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